Is your PC running slow or are you worried that you may have malicious viruses or spyware on your PC?

We offer fast turnaround on all repairs on PC’s and Laptops. This includes both hardware and software issues.

We can also reload your operating system for you so that your computer will be as good as when it came out of the box again, and if you don’t have the installation discs, it’s not a problem!

With our fixed labour charge of £59.99 inc VAT, you will never need to worry about facing a huge repair bill. If your PC needs any hardware, this is extra, but we will always let you know first before commencing any work and we will always give you a price first.

Collect and Return Service

We are now offering a collect and return service for a small extra charge on top of our standard labour fee. Have your computer collected, repaired and returned to your door, so there is no need to plan your day around your computer, just sit back and relax while we do all the work!

The amount you pay is determined by how far from our location you are.

Call for further details.

You can use our google map to determine your distance from our address.

Please ring or email us to arrange pickup.

Data Recovery

When your computer crashes, all hope is not lost. We use several tools to recover your data from your computer whether it be important documents, precious photographs or your digital music collection.

Your data can be recovered even without your computer being able to function so even if you fear the worst, we should be able to recover your data for you.

Price for data recovery varies depending on the amount of data, type of recovery and the media you choose to have the data recovered to, whether it be to DVD discs or to an external hard drive.

Sales – desktops, laptops, peripherals, printer ink

We have a wide variety of products in store, with a good range of inks, memory sticks, digital memory and much more, all competetively priced.

If we don’t have what you require in store, we will be happy to order in anything you require for delivery, usually the next day.

We offer friendly and knowledgeable advice with our sales so that you know all you need to, before you get home.


We can also upgrade your current system so that it can handle the ever growing amount of information that you store.

Upgrading your existing computer is a lot cheaper than buying a new computer and it will allow you to perform tasks with increased speed and also allow you to perform tasks you couldnt before.

Simple upgrades start from £9.99 inc VAT.


If you find that your computer is running slow or that it is continually crashing and freezing, then your computer could probably do with a service. We have comprehensive tools to run a hardware diagnostic on your PC to determine whether it is a problem with your PC or the Operating System.

Computers need servicing the same as cars to keep them running at optimum speed and efficiency.

This service is included within our standard labour charge of £59.99 inc VAT (parts extra).